Playing with clichés

Tradition aginst actuality, women against men, lust against disgust, decorum against irreverence, Duo Kandeu mixes everything to give you an entertaining show punctuated with Oh's and Ah's! On traditional German music, electronic music, classical music and yodel, the German-Canadian duo incorporates folkdance and Bayern traditions to contemporary circus techniques. Schuhplattler dancing, silks climbing, bier mug balancing, pretzels juggling... yes we do play with our food!

(For corporate event, galas or if needed, we can perform our acts separately, see the list of acts bellow)

Technical info:

  • length: 25 minutes (possibility of a 40 minutes long version)
  • build-up: 1 hour
  • tear-down: 30 minutes
  • floor space: 8 x 8 meters
  • free height: 7 meters
  • a self-standing rig is available for venue where rigging is not possible

    Show History:

    Festival Rues et Cies, Épinal, France
    Hamm Landesturnfest 2019, Hamm, Germany
    Stiftung Ev. Jugendhilfe Menden Sommerfest, Menden, Germany
    Ponyhof Freizeit, Hilbeck, Germany
    Schloss Tonndorf, Tonndorf, Germany
    Firma Gehrke, Bönen, Germany
    Zéro Gravité, Montreal, Canada (silks act only)

    Acts List

    Short version

  • Intro hand to hand and newspaper, 5:20 minutes
  • Pretzels juggling, 2:47 minutes
  • Bier mug balancing, on ground and on aerial silks, with or without audience participation, 5:42 minutes
  • Acrobatic Schuplattler (traditionnal German dance and hand to hamd), 4:16 minutes
  • aerial silks duo, 5:40 minutes

    Acts from long version

  • Lyra with hat and Lederhose manipulation, 5:00 minutes
  • Pretzel-poi, 2:30
  • Corde lisse, 5:00 minutes