Catherine Viens started her trapeze training at the trapeze school Le Noeud d'Erseau at the age of 14. At the age of 16 she traveled to Germany for a student exchange where she had the opportunity to work with a traditional circus family where she learnt juggling, acrobatics, unicycle, adagio as well as trying to learn the German language.

Her career as a performer first started with Émilie Dion and the trapeze duo Cameleon. Later, with Benoit Ranger of the Dream Circus (Transporteurs de rêves) she created the flexible pole act Polaeris that she performed for nearly five years. During this time she also created a lyra act and started practicing hat manipulation. Since then, she has explored the many aerial disciplines of circus and has completed a professional rigging course.

In 2009 she returned to the flexible pole but has redesigned it to be a free-standing structure and has created a wonderful act based on the pole becoming a tree. Through this recent work she has discovered the hidden clown inside her and has also created a comical version of her Lyra act.

Throughout her career, Catherine has worked with many renowned coaches in clowning, hand balancing, Chinese mast, aerials, juggling and adagio.